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De stad Quebec (Frans: Québec) is de hoofdstad van de Canadese gelijknamige provincie, omstreeks 250 km ten noordoosten van Montreal.Quebec heeft ongeveer 500.000 inwoners; de agglomeratie telt ruim 715.000 inwoners en is daarmee de tweede in de provincie - alleen Montreal is groter - en de tiende in Canada.. De stad (ville) ligt op de Kaap Diamant aan de oever van de Saint Lawrencerivier. Quebec (Frans: Québec) is een provincie van Canada en een aparte natie binnen Canada.De hoofdstad heet eveneens Quebec.. De inwoners van Quebec, de Québécois, noemen de provincie in het Frans le Québec en de hoofdstad Québec.In 2016 telde de provincie 8.164.361 inwoners. Hoewel de stad Quebec de hoofdstad is, is Montreal de grootste stad van deze provincie Québec of Quebec kan verwijzen naar: . Quebec (provincie), provincie in Canada Quebec (stad), stad uit deze Canadese provincie Quebec (film), film uit 2007 met John C. Reilly and Seann William Scott Het woord uit het internationale spellingsalfabet voor de letter

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The Quebec Nordiques (French: Nordiques de Québec, pronounced in Quebec French, / n ɔːr ˈ d iː k s / in Canadian English; literally translated Quebec City Northmen or Northerners) were a professional ice hockey team based in Quebec City.The Nordiques played in the World Hockey Association (1972-1979) and the National Hockey League (1979-1995). The franchise was relocated to Denver. Ing Quebec (mayayagkas [kʰwəˈbɛk] o [kʰəˈbɛk]) o, king French, Québec (pronounced [kebɛk]), metung yang Canadian a lalawigan king Aslagan Canada.. Makasepu ya keng albugan king lalawigan ning Ontario, James Bay at Hudson Bay.King pangulu ilapin deng Hudson Strait at Ungava Bay, king aslagan ing Gulf ning Saint Lawrence, deng lalawigan ning New Brunswick at Newfoundland and Labrador. Quebec hat yn de Wikipedy ferskate betsjuttings: Quebec (provinsje) Quebec (stêd) Dit is in betsjuttingsside, bedoeld om ûnderskied te meitsjen tusken ferskillende siden mei de namme Quebec.. Op dizze side stean koarte beskriuwings fan de ferskate siden, mei keppelings dêrhinne

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Quebec mapping project. If you're interested in contributing to mapping in Québec province, check the Québec OSM project page. Most contributions for Québec in this wiki are in French, so these pages will probably be more up to date: FR:Québec A Sense of Scal Quebec is a Canadian province located in the eastern side of Canada. It borders with the United States and one of its closest neighbors is New York. John McClane comes here along with Zeus Carver upon realizing that Simon is hiding in a warehouse with all the stolen gold bars from the New York Federal Reserve. While McClane and Zeus are trapped with the bomb inside the boat, John tells Simon.

Quebec is the second populous and first-largest in area of Canada's ten provinces. It is found in east Canada. Its capital is Quebec City. Montreal is the most populous city Universiteit van Quebec; Laatst bewerkt op 29 mrt 2020, om 14:58. De inhoud is beschikbaar onder de CC BY-SA 3.0 tenzij anders aangegeven. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 29 mrt 2020 om 14:58. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen, er. Quebec is a largely French-using province of Canada. It is the remnant of what was New France, and is the largest Canadian province. Le capital national est la ville de Québec et la ville la plus grande est Montréal (Mount Royal), anciennement Ville-Marie, et avant cela Hochelaga. La devise nationale est Je me souviens (I remember), présumablement le temps avant la domination brittanique

Quebec City is a city in Québec, Canada at latitude 46°49′12.00″ North, longitude 71°16′48.00″ West.. Québec (also Quebec City) is the capital of the province of Quebec in Canada. It has been founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, and this year (2008) the 400th birthday is celebrated. It is the first founded European city in non-Spanish North America Québec, officially the Republic of Québec (French: République du Québec) is a country in eastern North America, between Hudson Bay and St Lawrence River (French: St-Laurent). It is traditionally an isolationist nation known for its French-speaking (or Francophone) population and association with the AAA megacorporation Cross Applied Technologies. Post-2062, the Republic of Québec opened. To comply with Commons:Naming categories which requires proper names of places to generally be in the form most frequently used in English-language literature, please use Quebec in category names and not Québec De universiteit is in 1968 opgericht, door middel van een wet aangenomen door het parlement van Quebec (l'Assemblée nationale du Québec). In 2005 bedroeg het totale aantal studenten meer dan 76.000 en bood de universiteit meer dan 300 verschillende studies aan. Daarmee is de Universiteit van Quebec de grootste aanbieder van universitaire studies in de provincie Quebec

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Quebec (Fraans: Québec, Engels: Quebec) is een perveensie van Kannede mit as heufdstad Quebec.De inwoners van Quebec, de Québécois, numen de perveensie in et Fraans le Québec, en de heufdstad Québec. In meert 2016 had de perveensie omdebi'j 8.294.656 inwoners Quebec's counties were dissolved in the early 1980s, and Quebec was then divided into regional county municipalities. However, the regional county municipality jurisdiction is not used in the vital records system, and therefore has little meaning for genealogy

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  1. Quebec (Québec in the French leid) is a province o Canadae. It is the mucklest province gaun bi area o Canadae. Quebec haes a population o 7,651,531 fowk. The offeecial leid o Quebec is French, an aboot 90% o the indwallers o Quebec speaks it (aside French, baith Inglis an Inuktuit are spoken)
  2. Akkoord van Quebec is beschikbaar in 9 andere talen. Terug naar Akkoord van Quebec. Talen. Bahasa Indonesia; dansk; English; français; norsk bokmål; Ελληνικ
  3. Ike Quebec is beschikbaar in 11 andere talen. Terug naar Ike Quebec. Talen. Deutsch; English; español; Esperanto; français; italiano; magyar; polski; българск
  4. Quebecbal is de countryball die de Canadese provincie Quebec. Dit tracht zijn onafhankelijkheid aan de Republiek van Quebec geworden. Bestand aan deze galerij toevoege
  5. Media in category Quebec City The following 200 files are in this category, out of 431 total. (previous page) 2016-11 Quebec City sunset skylines.jpg 6,000 × 3,375; 9.3 MB. 20161007 41 Grande Alee E (26589720887).jpg 2,112 × 2,816; 2.14 MB
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  7. Voafaritra ny hoalan'i Ungava sy ny detroit-n'ny Hudson ny Quebec any avaratra, voafariry ny hoalan'i Hudson sy ny Ontario any andrefana, ny faritany mizaka-tenan'i Maine, ny New Hampshire, ny Vermont sy New York, ary voafaritran'ny Nouveau Brunswick, ny Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador sy ny golfe ny Saint-Laurent any atsinanana. Mihampita ny faritan'ny Quebec ny renirano Saint-Laurent

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  1. Reo: Wīwī Tāone matua: Quebec City: Tāone nui: Montreal: Rahi - Katoa: 1,542,056 km² (te 2nd) - Whānui: km - Whāroa: km - Rohe whenua: 1,365,128 km² - Rohe wa
  2. Québec yε kro a ewo Québec, Kanada. Québec. Last edited on 26 March 2019, at 23:02. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This page was last edited on 26 March 2019, at 23:02. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.
  3. She queiggey 'sy Chanadey veanagh ee Québec (Baarle: Quebec).Ta'n chooid smoo jeh'n phobble nyn Vrangisheyryn as cha nel agh un çhengey oikoil aynjee. T'ee ny queiggey smoo as ny nah h-ard reiragh smoo 'sy çheer rere eaghtyr. T'ee çhemmit liorish Ontario, Baie Yamys as Baie Hudson da'n sheear, liorish Keyllys Hudson as Baie Ungava da'n twoaie, Lhoob Laurys Noo, Thalloo yn Eeast as Labrador.
  4. Laval (English: / l ə ˈ v æ l /; French: ()) is a Canadian city in southwestern Quebec, north of Montreal.It is the largest suburb of Montreal, the third-largest city in the province after Montreal and Quebec City, and the thirteenth largest city in Canada with a population of 422,993 in 2016
  5. e, which I've been working on under the moniker of Fake Quebec. Please do not edit this wiki. 1 Important Articles 2 The World 3 Cultures and Groups 4..

Quebec was a member of the World Broadcasting Union thus it was eligible to participate in the first five editions of the Mondevision Song Contest. It debuted in the first edition of the contest. After the fifth edition, Quebec was forced to leave the WBU, which lead to the region not being.. Quebec is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It is bordered to the west by the province of Ontario and the bodies of water James Bay and Hudson Bay; to the north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay; to the east by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador; and to the south by the province of New Brunswick and the U.S. states of Maine, New. 1 Etymology 2 Geography, climate, and environment 2.1 Borders 3 History 4 Government 4.1 Elections 5 Political divisions 6 Foreign relations 7 Military 8 Economy 8.1 Income and human development 8.2 Science and technology 8.3 Transportation 8.4 Energy 9 Demographics 9.1 Language 9.2 Religion 9.3 Education 9.4 Health 9.5 Crime and law enforcement 10 Culture 10.1 Popular media 10.2 Literature 10.

Quebec City (French: Ville de Québec, or just Québec) is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec.It sits at a commanding position on cliffs overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway. Quebec City's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of only two cities in North America (the other being Campeche in Mexico) with its original city walls.. Quebec is a city of about 700,000 resi An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Quebec: Last edited on 15 Nobyembre 2016, at 20:25. An sulod in napapailarom han CC BY-SA 3.0 labot la kun iba it nakasurat. Ini nga pakli kataposan nga ginliwat dida han 20:25, 15 Nobyembre 2016. An. Quebec City (franskt: Québec, vestur-abenakiskt: Kephek) er ein býur í Kanada. Býurin er høvuðsstaður í landslutinum Quebec. Í 2016 búðu í Quebec City umleið 531.900 fólk. Ávísingar úteftir. Heimasíðan hjá Quebec City, quebec.qc.ca (á enskum) Quebec City, wikivoyage. Add new page. First list of things. test menu

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Quebec is a province in Canada. It was a Laff-a-Lympics site. The teams did lacrosse batting and Canadian tree cutting in Quebec. Laff-a-Lympics 116. Quebec and Baghda Quebec is a minor character in Solatorobo. He gave Red the mission to get confidential data aboard the Hindenburg. When Red returns completing the mission, he found out that the data was already burned & torn (due to the destruction). This Angers Quebec for his plan to fail. He is located in the Main Street of Airedale. Later in the game, he Calls Red & Chocolat to chat how he's doing good. He. Canada (/ ˈ k æ n ə d ə / (); French: ) is a country in North America.It is north of the United States.Its land reaches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Canada's area is 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles), so it is the world's second largest country by total area but only the fourth largest. Wikimedia Commons haes media relatit tae Laval, Québec. City of Laval wabsteid Interactive map of Laval from the official website Archived 2005-04-07 at the Wayback Machine Shows baith the borders an names o the 14 umwhile municipalities (purple) an the borders anerlie o the current 6 sectors (maroon), tick aff baith boxes beside Limite administrative Quebec (Franses: Québec) ta un provinsia di Canada.Tin un populashon ta mas of menos 7.903.001 (2011) i un area di 1.542.056 kilometer kuadrá. E gran mayoria di e habitantenan di Quebec ta di desendensia Franses.E idioma ofisial di Quebec ta Franses

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The flag of Quebec, Canada, known as Fleurdelysé, is blue with a white cross through the centre, dividing the flag into quarters; in each quarter there is a white fleur-de-lis. Symbolism The flag combines an old French ensign (white cross upon blue background — it was used in Jacques Cartier's time, and appeared during the Hundred Years War) with fleurs-de-lis, which originally come from. Québec is an International Outpost owned by CommieTown and founded by Creepyseb and co-governed with Rec_YT. In early July 2019, Skyto_ (a citizen of CommieTown) discovers a secret bunker belonging to Sorcia and finds Rosa building a store near Commie's borders. The citizens of CommieTown began to worry about being surrounded by Sorcian forces in the event of a possible war. This led to. Québec; Melumat; Dewr: Warey Kanada (d) u administrative territorial entity of Canada (en): Dewlete: Kanada: Ware: Kanada: Erd: 1 542 056 km 2: Nıfus: 8 484 965: Serdar: François Legault (en)Elizabeth II: Letey saete: Eastern Time Zone (en): Kodê poste

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  1. Quebec is a non-selectable nation in Europa Universalis IV at the beginning in 1444. The nation is a former colonial nation, which can only be formed if said nation breaks away from the mother country. Its government is a Constitutional Republic
  2. The Quebec Nordiques were a professional ice hockey team based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The Nordiques played in the World Hockey Association (WHA) from 1972 to 1979 and the National Hockey League(NHL) from 1979 to 1995. The franchise was relocated to Denver, Colorado in 1995 and renamed the Colorado Avalanche. 1 Team Beginnings in the WHA 2 1980s 3 1990s 3.1 Eric Lindros Draft & Trade 3.
  3. This is a directory and map of the Sannan language family spoken in the realm. The two major subfamilies, the Eurian (in the east) and Zephyrian (in the west) languages, will be marked with ☆ and ♢ respectively in this document. 1 First Age 1.1 Proto-Sannan 1.2 ☆ Proto-Eurian ☆ 2 Second Age 2.1 ♢ Proto-Zephyrian ♢ 2.2 ☆ West Eurian ☆ 2.3 ☆ Coast Eurian ☆ 3 Third Age 3.1.
  4. Québec (kapital sa lalawigan) Québec (munisipyo) , Capitale-Nationale, 46°51′09″N 71°19′51″W  /  46.85258°N 71.33082°V  / 46.85258; -71.33082  ( Québec (munisipy
  5. The Quebec Nordiques were a professional ice hockey team based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The Nordiques played in the World Hockey Association (1972-1979) and the National Hockey League (1979-1995). The franchise was relocated to Denver in 1995 and renamed the Colorado Avalanche. 1 Beginnings in the WHA 2 The 1980s 3 The 1990s 4 Season-by-Season Record 5 Move to Denver 6 Notable Players 6.
  6. Québec Online Databases This chart shows links to province-wide collections. To find links to collections for lower jurisdictions (such as a county, town, or parish), go to Locating Online Databases.. Ancestry.com, FindMyPast.com, and MyHeritage.com can be searched free of charge at your local family history center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
  7. Home Quebec City exhibits the following properties. 1 Divisibility 2 Comparability 3 Connectivity 4 Disturbability 5 Reorderability 6 Substitutability 7 Satisfiability 8 See also 9 References Can Quebec City exhibit divisibility? Yes. Quebec City exhibits divisibility. Quebec City can be divided..

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1 Quebec 2 See also 2.1 External links 2.2 Borders Animal disaster groups#Quebec State directory#Quebec Wikipedia:Quebec North: Nunavut: Baffin Island, across Hudson Strait East: Newfoundland and Labrador and Gulf of Saint Lawrence Southeast: New Brunswick and Maine South: New Hampshire.. The Quebec War, also called the Third World War, was a regional conflict which later became a global war, involving a majority of the world's population. The war was treated as a civil war until American involvement in the war was revealed, after which the conflict became a global war. As the air forces of all major global powers clashed over North America, millions of civilians were killed as. Keeping the Carnival ledgers sometimes drives this bookkeeper a little nuts. 1 Details 2 Stats 3 Skills 4 Quotes 5 Awakening Information 6 Card Icons 0 Max Level: 70 0 Cost: 61 0 Attack: 6400 / 10240 0 Defense: 6800 / 10880 0 Soldiers: 7800 / 13260 1★ Max Level: 80 1★ Cost: 84 1★ Attack.. The world is set on a continent which is about 1,6 million square kilometres in area. Mostly located in the Dfb (warm summer humid continental) and Dfc (subarctic) climate zones, though parts of it also fall into tundra zones 1 History 2 See Also 3 Links and References 3.1 Footnotes History of location is unknown. 2 Appearances of Quebec Images featuring Quebec Quebec on the Marvel Wiki Location Gallery: Quebec

Revision 3 posted to Bentley Civil Québec Wiki by David Thibeault on 8/13/2012 5:54:38 PM. Date d'origine de l'article : 13 août 2012 Produits couverts : InRoads ou Power InRoads Version : Produire un rapport LandXML à partir d'un jeu de sections en traver Quebec | Ogres Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Ogres Wiki. 781 Pages. Add new page. Members. Awards Contact Board Join. Category:Quebec | Ogres Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Ogres Wiki. 781 Pages. Add new page. Members. Awards Contact.

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  1. antly French speaking population and French as the sole official language at the provincial level. Quebec is Canada's largest province by area and its second-largest ad
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  4. 320 Hotels in Québec QC - 24/7 Klantenservic
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  5. Quebec History Wiki Fando
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