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Vergelijk het ruime aanbod Longboards en profiteer snel! Ontdek het assortiment van meer dan 10.000 shops online en kies het beste voor jou In this episode we walk you through the basics of how to ride a longboard. Spencer Smith explains how to determine your stance, position your feet, pushing b.. In this video I am talking about the best technique for a long distance longboard trip. I started out only using the toes to propel myself forward but that w..

Long-distance longboarding, aka longboard LDP or long distance pushing and pumping, is a discipline of its own. While cruising and downhill are the first styles that come to mind for longboarding, LDP longboarders form a very passionate bunch with strong dedication and performance goals similar to marathon runners and triathletes Longboard pumping is an alternative to kick pushing for getting your longboard to move fast on flat ground, or even uphill, over both short and long distances. It involves swaying your body back and forth and shifting your weight in a way that makes your longboard perform quick small turns, gaining momentum by leveraging centripetal forces, without your feet ever touching the ground Pushing with your opposite leg, or switch, is a must. Longboarding can be less fun when it hurts, so riding switch is a great way to have a better time on your board. Pantheon Ember on the Copper to Frisco Bike Path Why Pushing Switch is Fun and Super Efficient and How You Can Beat Bike Longboard Pushing. Some slides and carving too

Goedkope Longboards kopen? - Bestel nu jouw Longboard

  1. Longboard kopen met keuze uit meer dan 300 verschillende complete longboards, Longboarddeal maakt dit mogelijk! Van Bustin, Globe, Landyachtz, Loaded, Hammond, Mindless, Riviera, Santa Cruz en vele andere merken kun je hier een vet compleet longboard bestellen
  2. When I was doing my online research before learning to pump a longboard I found several videos with people doing it but none with them REALLY explaining how.
  3. About MuirSkate Longboard Shop. We're a bunch of San Diego skaters in a warehouse, assembling your longboards by hand, making sure you get the best ride under your feet. Yes, we need to pay the rent, but we're in this to spread the stoke of skating as far and wide as we can
  4. If you take any of these points into consideration, this is the most important as it's your worst habit. Pushing 'Mongo' is pushing with your front foot rather than the back. It looks absolutely hideous and you're only embarrassing yourself when you do it. Just, please, do yourself a favor and stop
  5. Drop-through longboards zijn voorzien van een relatief laag gelegen deck, dit creëert een laag zwaartepunt en geeft een longboarder veel stabiliteit. Door de drop-through montage van de trucks ligt het deck van een drop-through longboard extra laag. Bij deze boards zijn de trucks namelijk door de drop-through holes van het deck gemonteerd

Longboarding 101 - How to Push and Carve on a Longboard

In this guide, we will be assuming (1) that you are already familiar with basic longboard terminology and (2) that you have already chosen your trucks for your longboard skateboard. (3) Remember this guide is meant to be suggestive, since everyone's ideal setup may be slightly different due to weight, riding style, and a few other factors Een lang longboard geeft je voeten veel bewegingsruimte en niet ruwe (kleine korrel) griptape laten je voeten gemakkelijker op het deck bewegen. Niet alleen lengte kan een rol spelen, ook is een beetje flex vaak fijn. Daarbij is een longboard met (double) kicks aan te raden, hiermee heb je maximale freestyle mogelijkheden



Get pushing with some pro tips from pro longboarder Spencer Smith. Figuring out your stance, how to push, and then how to safely carve will help you gain confidence and get riding quickly. This video gives you the foundation you'll need to continue learning how to longboard. In this episode we specifically cover Deze double-dropped longboards zijn niet alleen voorzien van verlagingen in het deck door kromming, maar ook van een totale deck verlaging door een drop-through (door het deck) montage van de trucks. Vanwege de hoge stabiliteit kun je uitstekend een drop-down longboard kopen voor een beginnende boarder of voor een longboarder die stabiliteit in een board zoekt voor (hoge) snelheden of lange. Longboard stance refers to the way you stand, and the posture you take, on your longboard. You use a different stance for different things : ride casually, push / break, carve, speed ride, do tricks. Here we break down the components of the best postures experienced riders use for an effective longboarding style

Longboard LDP: The Complete Guide To Long Distance Pushing

  1. Pushing; While it initially sounds simple, learning to efficiently and quickly push can be one of the first hurdles a new longboard passes. Pushing is done by slightly bending the front knee, similar to a footbrake in position, and 'paddling' oneself forward, keeping most of your weight on the board to avoid hopping forward with each push
  2. Most skateboarders love speed, and longboard pumping is a great way to gain speed and momentum on a longboard. This is a necessary skill for longboarders as it comes handy, especially when going long distances. It is an alternative to kick pushing and can allow you to cruise fast on flat ground and even uphill
  3. We've got some heavy breathing and some personal tips here from one of the dudes who know best. Switch pushing is essential if you're going to go the distanc..
  4. You may have heard the term long-distance pushing, long-distance pumping, or just LDP before. These are part of the overall long-distance longboarding riding style, another fascinating, athletic, and sometimes extreme branch of the longboarding sport.. Long-distance longboarding takes longboard commuting to the next level
  5. Elderly man on a longboard pushing a man with raised hand in a wheelchair - Koop deze stockfoto en ontdek vergelijkbare foto's op Adobe Stoc
  6. Uphill pushing setups. The best longboard setups for pushing uphill are of course commuter-oriented longboards, which are typically low-riding (drop-through or drop deck) with a relatively large wheelbase for push stability, a bit of flex for energy when kicking, and a mellow concave for freedom of movement

The classic purpose of longboards is for riding at a casual pace as a means of transportation. The focus is on foot pushing and relaxed riding at low speed along roads, paths, and city streets. Any longboard or skateboard can be used for cruising, though some are easier to push, brake, or ride at high speeds than others Longboards worden vooral gebruikt om grotere afstanden op een hogere snelheid af te leggen dan met een gewoon skateboard. Vaak heeft een longboard ook grotere wielen. Er zijn verschillende soorten boards zoals slideboards, cruiseboards, pompboards en danceboards Longboard wielen kopen en direct weer verder rollen. Een mooi setje longboard wielen voor een scherpe prijs kun je eenvoudig bij ons bestellen. De wielen vindt je hier van vele bekende topmerken zoals Abec 11, Cloud Ride, Orangatang, Landyachtz, Pink, Remember en Tunnel

Longboarding is riding on a longboard.Longboards vary in shape and size. Compared to skateboards, longboards are more stable, and have more traction and durability due to larger wheel size and lower wheel durometers.Generally, a skateboard comes in between 28-34 inches long and 7-10 inches wide, while a longboard has a length of 35-60 inches and a width of 9-10 inches Elderly man riding a longboard and pushing a man holding a steering wheel and sitting in a wheelchair - Koop deze stockfoto en ontdek vergelijkbare foto's op Adobe Stoc

Downhill Longboarding: Do You Have The Right Skills & Mindset?

Longboard Pumping: the Alternative Riding Styl

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